Something I love about teaching is the diverse range of people I have helped to enjoy playing the violin. At times during my career I have taught children as young as 4, and also people who have been retired for many years.


Generally I recommend starting lessons around age 7, though this depends on the individual child and whether they have someone who can help them with their practice at home. Some children are ready to learn at age 4, but many will do better if they start a little later. I have an eight year-old son, and I think my experience of being a parent has made me a better teacher. I have a better understanding of children, and also of the difficulties of fitting practice in after a busy day at school, with homework to contend with as well.


As can be seen from the testimonials page on this website, as well as teaching children of all ages, I have taught many adults, both old and young! I enjoy teaching adult beginners, who may have spent years or even decades wishing that they had learnt an instrument when they were at school, and now finally find the opportunity to learn. I have also helped several rusty amateur violinists to get back into practise and up to a level where they can enjoy playing in an orchestra or chamber group. For a while, I had a pupil who was leading an amateur orchestra, and came for occasional lessons for advice on tricky orchestral repertoire, or when she had a solo to prepare.